Share an Environmental Concern with ALDOT

ALDOT’s goal is to provide transportation systems that are safe, efficient, and economically sound while also being environmentally sound. The citizens of Alabama can help ALDOT keep its roadways environmentally sound. Citizens are our “eyes on the ground” and usually observe a possible environmental concern before we do. Citizens may also have general concerns about ALDOT’s environmental activities. We invite citizens to share their concerns with us by completing the Environmental Concern Submission Form below.

We especially encourage citizens to report the following:

  • Excessive litter
  • Spill or leak of a chemical or some other material
  • Illegal dumping / improper disposal of waste material
  • Anything strange in the water, near the water, or about the water at some location (odor, color, cloudiness, suds, oily sheen, growth of algae, dead fish, etc.)
  • Sign of sewage overflow/leak (toilet paper, etc.)
  • Dead or dying grass/vegetation
  • Intrusive vegetation growth
  • Significant erosion
  • Concern about an ALDOT construction activity
  • Clogged drain, pipe, or culvert
  • Flooding or flooding concern
  • Water (flowing or standing) in a ditch during an extended dry-weather period
  • Anything that may harm the environment and/or negatively impact the health or well-being of the public

For information about ALDOT's environmental activities and other ways citizens can get involved, please visit the
Environmental Coordination
web page.

Thank you for your help and your interest in ALDOT's environmental activities.

Environmental Concern Submission Form