Alabama Department of Transportation

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Economic Stimulus Plan


ARRA funds web Highway Total distribution for Highway Infrastructure
ARRA funds web Transit Total distribution for Transit
Economically Distressed Areas  Planned Projects Map
Alabama Airport Participation  Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration
Alabama Highway Participation  Approved by the Federal Highway Administration
Alabama Transit Participation Approved by the Federal Transit Administration
Alabama T.I.G.E.R Grant Participation Approved by the Federal Railroad Administration
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Plan for Improvement


Certification 1511 ARRA Highway Certification for additional highway investments
Certification 1511 ARRA Transit
Certification for additional transit investments
Certification 1511 ARRA TIGER Certification for additional TIGER investments
Ashland Certification Airport sponsor certification
Camden Municipal Airport Certification Airport sponsor certification
George Downer Airport Certification - Aliceville, AL Airport sponsor certification
Perry County Airport Certification - Vaiden Field Airport sponsor certification
TE Selection Criteria Selection process for ARRA & Transportation enhancement projects
1201 Certification Certificate for the amount of funds ALDOT plans to expend 
1607 Certification Certificate of request to use funds to create jobs and promote economic growth

 Required Forms

ARRA Reporting Requirements Guide for providing employment information on each Recovery Act project
FHWA - 1589 ARRA Monthly Employment Report Form
FHWA - 1589 EXAMPLE Sample Monthly Employment Report
Report Stimulus Misuse Form used to report any misconduct or misuse of  Funds

Transparency Reporting

Monthly Project Status Report (July) - FHWA 1585 Recipient Project Status Report
Initial Recovery Act Project Plan (May) - FHWA 1586 Project Data
Monthly Summary Employment Report (July) - FHWA 1587 Summary Data

US House T & I Committee Report (May 2014) - Highway Investment Status:

US House T & I Committee Report(December 2010) - Transit Investment Transit Investment Status
Transit Capital Monthly Report - Sections 5307 and 5311
TIGER Grants 100% ARRA Grant funded projects
MB Railroad TIGER GRANT - September 2009 Alabama Black Belt Infrastructure and Development Project
RFP Cover Letter Construction Management Birmingham
RFR BRIMF Construction Management v6
Birmingham Appendix D Construction Management
Form of Construction Management Agreement
Norfolk Southern 2010 Contractor Guidelines
BRIMF - Request for Prequalification

Quarterly Federal Reporting

Surface Transportation Discretionary Grant
Transportation Enhancement
Highway Investment
Transit Capital Assistance and Capital Investment 5307
Transit Capital Assistance and Capital Investment 5311
Ferry Boat Discretionary Grant
Airport Grants

Transportation American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


FHWA Economic Recovery

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