Spring Classes


February 28 - March 2, 2023

April 3-5, 2023

Why Leadership?

ALDOT recognizes the importance of proactively cultivating leaders to enhance the transportation profession. By establishing a formal leadership program, ALDOT seeks to provide program participants the skills, tools, and network to successfully navigate their careers and be leaders in their places of business, communities, and professional organizations of choice.

High-level leaders build and sustain great companies and organizations. Participants in the ALDOT Leadership Academy will learn critical leadership skills; use the program to apply those skills; and build diverse professional networks. Participants will gain valuable experience and will graduate with the professional capacity to be a high-level leader for their organization.

Benefits of the ALDOT Leadership Academy

Through the program, ALDOT seeks to build a base of high-level transportation professional leaders who will be shaping the future of transportation policy, design, planning and implementation. ALDOT intends for these high-level leaders to use their skills to enhance the profession through their contributions within the organization.

Participant Obligations

Participants will be expected to attend and actively participate in two workshops. Between workshops participants will be expected to actively participate with fellow team members to complete small team leadership projects, webinars, and class assignments.

As a participant, you are highly encourage to complete the read-ahead material before the first day of both workshops. The read-ahead material will be delivered to you ahead of time and it can also be found underneath in the Modules page of this website. This read-ahead material will prepare you to become engaged in the discussions that will take place during each workshop.

In addition to completing the read-ahead material, each participating must complete the Dominance Influencing Steadiness Conscientiousness (DiSC) and bring with you to session 2. This DiSC assessment will be discussed in the first workshop.